simple pleasures

There are days when everything goes well. You get out of the house on time, the barista accidentally makes too much coffee and gives you a bigger cup, work goes smoothly, kid is happy, and you get to bed at a reasonable hour. Those are the days that you always hope for, the ones manage to be simultaneously mundane and euphoric, that make your life feel like an everlasting golden hour.

… and then there are the ones where the only thing that will get you through the day is a strange combination of pastries, pop music, and the point-and-click comfort of virtual cookie-crafting.

Today is the latter.

a dream realized

I just realized the other day that I get paid to write.

I mean, sure, it’s technical writing (documentation, to be exact), and a good deal of my responsibilites are tied up in coding, but seriously…

I get paid… to write.

This is blowing my mind.

you sly kappa, you

At first I just thought Kapp’n was picking on Steve.

be brave

I mean, he’d never talked to Lor or me directly!

Then it looked like he was just trying to be friendly…


Soon, though, Kapp’n decided to let it all hang out.